LI Po -- also known as Li Bai -- was an 8th Century Chinese poet. He led a remarkable life, was as famous as Elvis, and lived both high and low.

He left home in 725 to wander the Yangtze River. He was appointed, then expelled from Emperor Xuanzong's court. He served the Prince of Yun who led one of China's great social rebellions. He was arrested for treason, then pardoned. He then began to wander again...

He was friends with emperors and artisans, beggars and thieves. His love of people fused his talents with words; he was lyrical, lively, unapologetic,  deeply curious. 

His poetry inspired the three titles of the books:


His Dream of the Skyland is a poem which chronicles a man's journey to a place he believes will be heaven, but in fact is all things; heaven, hell and everything in between.

Nocturne is a poem is about all the things which can only happen at night, beyond the glare of power.

Listening to the Hundred Fold Notes of the Avowed Nightingales is about how birds want to live the joys that come from being earth bound.


Here is a link to the many beautiful poems Li Po wrote. We hope you will explore his work: